Families: Pause and Reflect

Is your living space truly a home, a place you enjoy coming back to? What could you add to make it more inviting and life-giving?

By staying busy and “shopping til you drop,” what might you be avoiding at home?

How often does your household break bread together each week?

When was the last time you invited friend, neighbors or an enemy to dinner?

What ritual does your household share around the table? Where did it come from and what does it symbolize?

When was  last time you actually prepared a meal together with your family, neighbors and close friends?

Could you take 5-to-10 minutes to recall or read the Sunday Gospel and share a Question of the Week?

Are you “doing justice” to your kitchen table? Could you get involved in the growing movement to slow down and celebrate local food producers and efforts to support healthy, Fair Trade products?

Eat slowly. The simple action of a fork to the mouth can be an
“extrovert meditation” of gratitude to God.

After gathering to worship in the Sunday assembly, make Sunday the day when you stay at home. Parents, your kids may scream, but even a couple of hours together will create room for the SPirit of God to break in, renew your hearts and reconnect your household.